Sasha: Mandame mensaje al: 1-800-340-5578
guest:121936: gracias
Sasha: o marca
Sasha: es el numero del Administrador.
Sasha: o dame tu numero y te marca ahorita.
Sasha Admin Assistant: Avisame cualquier cosa. Gracias..!
guest:122184: Hola
Sasha Admin Assistant: hola
guest:122257: Hola
guest:122257: Hola
guest:122312: El monte
guest:122318: Hola guapa como Estas
guest:122318: Que tal como estas
Sasha Admin Assistant: Bien y tu?
guest:122318: Aqui con frillito pero CEO aver encontrado esta covijita
Sasha Admin Assistant: jajaja
Sasha Admin Assistant: Alistate para lo Nuevo checalo...
Sasha Admin Assistant:
Sasha Admin Assistant: Me tengo que ir por hoy, pero regreso temprano por si gustas mas informacion. Buenas noches bye. kissy
guest:122318: Ocupada en este monento..
guest:122318: Que pena buenas noches ...
guest:122332: Ola
guest:122338: Busco Ima nalgona
guest:122338: Busco nalgona
guest:122460: Ey
guest:122460: Hola
guest:122490: Hola
guest:122490: Hola..hola..
guest:122520: Hello
guest:122524: Hola
guest:122524: How do you?
Sasha Admin Assistant: smile
guest:122582: ?
Sasha Admin Assistant: ?
Sasha Admin Assistant: ¿Necesitas Ayuda?
guest:122644: Hello
guest:122644: is it me ur looking for?
guest:122670: Hola
guest:122675: Hola
guest:122727: Nalgona y pechugona
guest:122738: Hola Jim
guest:122807: Hola
Sasha Admin Assistant: ARE YOU READY FOR A DATE? heart
guest:122889: Hola
Sasha Admin Assistant: hola
guest:122948: Queases miamor
guest:123150: Hola
guest:123187: Hola
guest:123285: Hola
guest:123285: Cual es tu numero
Sasha Admin Assistant:
guest:122980: Los ageles
Sasha Admin Assistant: Para pedir Servicio necesitas estar Registrado. La Registracion es Gratis..! bulb
guest:123957: Hola
Sasha Admin Assistant: hola
guest:124041: Hola
guest:124041: feel_peace
guest:124106: Hola
guest:124184: Hola Sasha ocupo un servicio cercas de temecula California
guest:124199: Oc
guest:124570: Alguien en tustin
guest:124570: Es
guest:124570: Alguien en tustin NEcesito un masaje
guest:124817: Hola
guest:124827: Hola
Sasha Admin Assistant:
guest:125145: Masaje
guest:125153: Alguna chica por Fontana
Sasha Admin Assistant:
Sasha Admin Assistant: REGISTRATE HOY Y RECIBE TU DESCUENTO..! kissy
guest:126075: Hola
guest:126076: Hola
guest:126117: Holaaa
Sasha Admin Assistant: kissy
guest:126239: Hola amor
guest:126243: Alguna chica aquí en riverside
guest:126243: Hay alguna. Chica
guest:126286: Need a girl in irvine
Sasha Admin Assistant: Good morning guys?
guest:126795: silla de rueda quiro jugar
Sasha Admin Assistant: ??? question
guest:126795: h***y sport wheelchair guy here
Sasha Admin Assistant: A que quieres jugar?
guest:126795: i am in los angeles
Sasha Admin Assistant: Did you fill up the " SERVICE REQUEST FORM " Already?
guest:126795: i strap on my toy and you ride me
guest:126795: where is service request form?
Sasha Admin Assistant: On the top of the page. Read...
guest:126795: i found it
Sasha Admin Assistant: kissy
guest:126847: massage Bellflower
Sasha Admin Assistant: fill up the form above...
Sasha Admin Assistant: or click this link:
guest:126847: gotta go thnx
Sasha Admin Assistant: sure... kissy
Sasha Admin Assistant:
guest:127040: Bell
guest:127040: Looking for female
guest:127040: Im in usc
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